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13 Critical Conversations to Have With Your Clients

By Michael Jans

Engage Insurance Clients. Earn Their Loyalty. Increase Your Value.

What does the latest research show about the triggers in consumer behavior? What do customers want - and what do they want to hear? Find out precisely what some agents and brokers are saying, and see why their customers reward them with lifelong loyalty.

13 Critical Convesrations You Must Have With Your Clients & Prospects This Year

An Ongoing Stream of Value?
Easier Than You Think...

Do you want the magic of loyalty? Say what matters to your customers. Discover the critical 'conversations' that make an insurance consumer's heart sing. (And find out how smart agents are getting more policies, more referrals and higher retention.)

Get Sky-High Customer
Lifetime Value

What happens when you deliver an ongoing stream of value? What happens when your entire team is aligned around saying the right thing to the right people at the right time? Customers stick like glue. (Secret: loyal insurance clients buy 25% more insurance).

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