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4 Reasons Insurance Agents & Brokers Should Never Sell On Price


By Michael Jans

Why Price Marketing Weakens the Agency and Disappoints the Customer

In this ebook you'll learn about why selling on price, especially discounted pricing, is potentially the worst marketing strategy for your agency. Discover how to make more money by scaling your business, attracting high-value customers happy to pay for your services, and effectively refocusing attention away from price-drive customers.

Systems that will work for you

  • The message and the methods that will attract consumers you want
  • Proven techniques to delight your customers more without sacrificing profits

Why some smaller agencies keep winning

  • Know which battles to fight, and when you should step away want
  • Discover how to find insurance consumers that will be more than just a customer

Know a bad strategy when you see it

  • Why some popular approaches will never be a good fit for the independent insurance channel want
  • How to avoid a 'race to the bottom' that will leave you struggling to compete

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