Becoming an Independent Agency

Thursday, January 14, 2021
11am PT | 2pm ET

Transitioning from a captive to an independent agency

Thousands of once captive agencies are going independent. The transition is neither quick nor easy. While the freedoms of an independent agency are numerous, they come with a new set of responsibilities to navigate. 

Join a live discussion with Jamie Trovato who went independent a decade ago to start Trovato Associates and Pamela Lofton Wells who has delighted customers while transitioning Lofton Wells Insurance from being a Nationwide exclusive agency. 

In this conversation, they will discuss:

  • How independence changed how they market
  • Which technology and partnerships have helped
  • Things they wish they knew at the start of the transition

If you're transitioning from captive insurance or considering starting an independent agency, don't miss this important live discussion.

Send us your questions or ask them live during our interactive webinar. 

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Jamie Trovato, Principal, Trovato Associates

Jamie Trovato

Principal, Trovato Associates

Jamie Trovato ran a captive insurance agency for 10 years before starting his own independent agency from scratch in 2011. Now that Jamie is established in the independent world, he wouldn't dream of going back.

Pamela Lofton Wells, Owner, Lofton Wells Insurance

Pamela Lofton Wells

Owner, Lofton Wells Insurance

Lofton Wells Insurance stepped into the independent world with thousands of other Nationwide exclusive agencies in the summer of 2020. During this transition, Pamela grew her agency's brand awareness, attracted more leads, and improved its NPS®.

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