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The Death of the Old School Agency

The rise of the new marketing masters

By Michael Jans

The Rapid Change in the Insurance Industry Cannot be Ignored

  • What you need to know to align your team with a path to success
  • Gain insight about the four unstoppable forces that are permanently changing how agents & brokers attract and retain customers
  • How the flow of information has changed the balance of power in nearly every level of business
  • Learn from the biggest and most expensive mistakes agencies & brokerages have made with digital marketing

    Consumer expectations and behaviors have changed drastically

    • Those changes can play right into the independent channel's natural advantages if agencies & brokerages respond accordingly
    • Uncover research, statistics, and analysis that will make the path forward clear

    To win the future, agencies need a bold new strategy

    • Agencies need a strategy that reflects an understanding of the power, speed, and direction the forces that shape our industry, and our world, are moving
    • Why you need a strategy that unifies your tactics behind one focused goal
    • Find out where you need to plant your flag to get the customers you want


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