Access client and policy data using HawkSoft's Partner API to create sophisticated, automated marketing campaigns

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Automating communications is essential for agencies looking to scale.

Though a seamless integration using HawkSoft’s partner API, agencies can leverage a data driven approach to creating highly targeted, personalized communications using our trigger point technology to detect account and policy-level changes

Leading agencies are using our marketing automation to optimize cross-selling, reputation management, client referral, claims and payments processes, new client acquisition and a whole lot more. The results of these campaigns are enabling them to acquire and retain business at a higher level.


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I can do more advanced audience segmentation and launch more sophisticated marketing campaigns based on policy coverage details. There's no way I could have devised such sophisticated marketing campaigns without the integration of these two platforms working in tandem to help me level up my marketing.

-- Jessica Tice, Marketing Specialist at All Lines Insurance.

Intelligent Automated Marketing

Building customer relationships that last requires trust––earn it by investing in an automated marketing solution to send the right message at the right time. From sending a birthday greeting and automating new client onboarding, claims and payment processes to sophisticated account rounding and referral campaigns, you can communicate in a personal way at scale without hiring a marketing team.

Account Rounding

Identifies coverage gaps to micro-target lists for easy account rounding

Trigger Point Technology

Use pre-built trigger or build your own communicate a key point of the customer journey

Increases Staff Efficiency

Automatic notifications to team members when changes occur in accounts

Automated 1:1 Messaging

Send pre-built or create custom campaigns and send via text, email and print


Quick Start Campaigns for Every Occasion

Need to launch a simple campaign right away, or setup a more complex sequence? You're covered with our library of pre-designed campaigns, including:

Welcome Kit

Manage client expectations and assure them you’ll be there right from the start of your relationship.

NPS® Survey

Manage your reputation and help retain clients, turn detractors into promoters, and boost online reviews.

Cross Sell

Fix gaps in your clients’ coverage with policy cross-selling campaigns for common scenarios.

Refer Away

Get a stream of fresh referrals with campaigns that touch clients when they're ready to refer their friends.

Flexible communication options

Meet your customers where they are by using the communication channels they prefer––leverage email, text message, phone and even direct mail to ensure they receive your message.

See How It Works

See how well-timed campaigns uncover opportunities to sell new policies to prospects and close clients' coverage gaps.

Is it Time to Update Your Website?

Agency Revolution also holds the distinction of HawkSoft's preferred vendor for insurance agency website development.

Trusted Agency Service & Support

Our dedicated live support team knows the insurance industry and is available to make sure you're getting the most out of your Agency Revolution solutions.